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Autumn Spl- Vibrant Turquoise & Purple Frock

Autumn Spl- Vibrant Turquoise & Purple Frock

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  1. Design and Colors:

    • The frock boasts a captivating blend of turquoise and purple hues.
    • The upper chest area features an intricate purple netted design, adding an elegant touch.
    • The lower part of the frock is a vibrant turquoise adorned with golden polka dots.
    • Short, ruffled sleeves incorporate both turquoise and patterned fabric, creating a playful yet sophisticated look.
    • A patterned border at the hem mirrors the sleeve design, completing the ensemble.
  2. Description:

    • This frock exudes playful elegance with its contrasting colors and charming patterns.
    • The combination of turquoise and purple makes it perfect for special occasions or casual outings.
    • The lightweight fabric ensures comfort, allowing little ones to twirl and dance with joy
Made in India

Material : Semi Silk

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